Words written since I last posted an entry: I’ll be buggered if I know, because they’re still in notebooks, most of them. I did finish an entry for Etopia, but they apparently got eaten by gremlins or something, and one for Machine of Death II which didn’t make it to the actual book but which they’re keeping in case it comes in handy, and a story that I have high hopes for since it’s the scariest I’ve ever written. It’s so bad I get really worried about how my mind works.

Stories accepted for publication since I last posted an entry: None. Zip. Zilch. There’s even been something of a lack of effort; more on that below.

Words translated since I last posted an entry: 308,665. I know this since I keep a log in my budget spreadsheet. That’s right, folks, I have resigned from my daytime job, and I’m now a full time freelance translator. Thing is, I expected to get more time for writing, since I expected that there would be dips in demand. Oddly enough, no such thing has materialised. It’s even as if there were a conspiracy among clients, because every time my regular customers go quiet, someone else drops me an email from out of the blue asking if I have any time to spare. The good news is, I’m making more money now than when I was employed; the bad news is, I have had no time at all for writing.

This Wednesday, I thought I’d finally get around to start submitting again. And what would you know, it didn’t take Apex more than 48 hours to reject me.

I’m at it again. Failing again. No matter.

Fail Harder.