When I was a student, the Department of Physics had exchange programs with the Uni of Sussex and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. I went to Brighton, but I visited the people in Amsterdam. (This was when I was first introduced to Indonesian food. This has no bearing on today’s post, I just happen to remember the sensation on the taste buds.)

Only the week before, they had been visited by last year’s exchange students. They decided to go down to the local pub, and when Anders showed his face in the door – having first spent six months in A’dam as an exchange student, and then having returned home some nine months before this particular visit – the bartender immediately commented “You’ve been away”.

I’ve been away from this blog. Sorry. Life intervened.

In the meanwhile, I’ve managed to find what is possibly the most useless activity on the planet. I presume that my readers are familiar with the phenomenon of people dedicated to re-enacting various historical moments, usually having to do with warfare – the U.S. Civil War is very popular, as is, apparently, the Battle of Pearl Harbor. I’ve always considered this to be a pastime quite on a level with the ones I lauded in my post on useless things.

And now, there exists such a thing as the Cold War Re-enactment Society. If it gets more irrational than that, I’ve never heard about it.